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S.G.E. Società Generale di Elettronica S.r.l. offices/based in Padua, via Germany no. 28 has a thirty-years history of success in the electronics industry of control. Originally, the main activity was to develop microprocessor control devices at the customer's specific requirements. With advice to 360 degrees, are monitoring systems were designed in various areas ranging from industrial air conditioning, to the sector of air compressed, air drying, air purification and sterilization and conditioning, professional electro-equipments for pubs and restaurants, storage and ripening/seasoning in the food sector and in the field of catering.

The company's growth has simultaneously led to the development of other important interests. In some of these S.G.E., alongside the original tradition of engineering on request/order, has proposed its own brand. Wide attention has been reserved in particular to energy and power sector with special attention to fault detection devices in medium voltage electrical distribution lines on behalf of ENEL and primary electricity companies in Europe.

In constant development, always with a large presence and availability in the market, but also aimed at building alliances and common strategies, S.G.E. is divided into 4 business divisions:

Industry Division
Control systems for compressors, dryers, electrostatic air purifiers, conditioners, gas heater, fan coils and professional electro-equipments for pubs and restaurants.

Remote Control and Energy Division
Fault detection devices on overhead and cable medium voltage lines.
Monitoring/Management System of Public Lighting Installations.

Power Division
Power stations, UPS, and power supplies, network frequency converters, automatic voltage regulators, inverters for telecom sector.

Racing Division
Data loggers in high-performance integrated in telemetry systems for motorcycles and cars racing industry, automatic control unit for the management of electric blankets for tires heating on the racetrack.

The shared difficulties of the international scene to ensure safety, reliability and quality of electric power supply have been promoting, in recent years, the use of devices for the study of lines for the fault prevention and for the detection and monitoring of permanent faults.
In this field are embedded fault detectors "on pole" with wireless communication and installed on the support of MV overhead lines used to identify the network components which are most subject/prone to subsidence, degraded components and maintenance shortages.
The evolution of electrical systems, following the introduction of Distributed Generators in MT networks, is of interest for S.G.E. which is to develop devices to overcome the various constraints that the current networks pose to the development of intelligent networks (Smart Grids). Technological solutions will aggregate thousands of users, to predict the demand for energy, to manage the local flows and interactions. All this in an efficient and reliable, according to a model similar to the internet, where the control and intelligence are distributed through the continuous exchange of information between users. Information that will be handled by the device that will use our power quality. sensors and aerial and cable lines in an advanced system Load Metering, Demand Metering and Recording.

Complete landscape described the study and optimization of a new TATV sensor for indoor applications used for integrated security/fault detectors to be installed in the cabins for private users and in MV/LV switchboard of the Utilities and experimental study of RGDAT sensor magnetic voltage.

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